CECILIA CARRIZO                      

                        PUBLIC TRANSLATOR OF ENGLISH 

Professional License # 742, granted by the Professional Association of Sworn Translators of the Province of Cordoba, Argentina. Partner at Ayni Translations.





2010: Spanish Normative and Correction of Errors in Texts (Fundación Litterae, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

2008: Technical Degree in Proofing and Editing Texts, University of Cordoba, Argentina (Introductory Course passed with the highest mark) 

2007: Exchange Program at the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom (Subjects taken and passed: Translation from Spanish into English; German; English Language, History and Society)

2006: M.A. in Translation. Degree: Public Translator of English into Spanish. Diploma issued by the Faculty of Languages, National University of Cordoba (UNC), Argentina. 

2004: Computer-based TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). Score: 293 pts. (Total score: 300 pts)

1995/1996: Exchange program in London. Christmas Program to the UK. American Field Service.


I work as a full-time freelance translator for direct clients and translation agencies, both from Argentina and abroad. Speciality fields: Technical, HH.RR., and Marketing/Advertising. Below is a list of some of the projects I translated recently:

Technical Translations:
User Manuals, Installation Instructions, Training Manuals and Software, Website Updates, Leaflets and Catalogues.


Training Materials, Surveys, Reports, Website Updates, Forms, Coaching and Counseling Material, Newsletters.

Marketing and Advertising:
Websites, Leaflets, Portfolios, Presentations,
Sales and Marketing Collateral.

Other working fields:

General/Literary (CVs, Short Stories, Blogs, Website Updates)

Education (Personalized Education Programs for the Los Angeles Unified School District, Diplomas, Transcripts)

Legal (Marital Settlement Agreements, Divorce Papers, Letters of Consentment, Certificates, Updates for Law Firms Websites)

Motorsports (Translations for: World Rally Championship official website, and Rally News Magazine; Translation of Press Releases about Nascar, F1, Grand Prix, Rally)

INTERPRETING (English-Spanish, Spanish-English):

2001-2006: Liaison Interpreter of English into Spanish at the World Rally Championship. Field: Technical (Automotive, Telecommunications), Sports, General. 

2010: Expert Interpreter in Civil Weddings.


2001-2005: Student-Assistant to the English Grammar and English Language Chairs. Introductory Course, Faculty of Languages, National University of Cordoba, Argentina.

1995-1996: Student-Assistant to the Spanish Language Chair. Central Foundation Girls School (Bow, East London)


Project Managment for Translation Teams. Social Translation Group, Faculty of Languages, National University of Córdoba, Argentina.

Translations for Veninos - Venezuelan Children in Need (UK Registered Charity Number 1099517). Translation of Newsletters and Website Texts.


2003-2004: Bilingual Customer Care Representative. Apex America Contact Center Outsourcing, Córdoba, Argentina. 

1996-1997: Welcome Team for AFS Students - American Field Service. (Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Santiago del Estero, Argentina)


I have attended several courses, seminars and workshops in the translation, editing, and proofing fields. This is a list of the most relevant. Certificates are available upon request.

“Free Software and Translation”

“Update on Spanish Normative for Translators and Editors”

“Basic knowledge of Engineering for translators”

“Translation of Scientific and Technical texts”

“Varieties of Spanish and strategies for translation” 

“Correcting mistakes in translation”

II Conference on Translation and Interpreting

III Latin-American Congress on Translation and Interpreting

IX Congress of the Linguistic Association of Argentina




“Terminological Treatment and Translation of claims and judgments”

Basic DTP for translators

“Motion Point Webcatt” (CAT Tool for translating web sites)

“Advanced Trados” (theory and practice)

“Wordfast” (basic level)

“Idiom” (basic level)


SDLTrados Freelance Edition (Workbench, Tag Editor, WinAlign), SDLX, Déjà Vu, Motion Point Webcatt, Idiom, Wordfast.


English (Advanced Level)

German (Basic Level). 2-year course at the Faculty of Languages, UNC. 1 semester at the University of Nottingham.

Italian (Intermediate Reading Comprehension). 6-months internship at an Italian Translation Agency.

Portuguese (Intermediate Reading skills). 1-year course at the Faculty of Languages, UNC.

Reading Comprehension of Italian, French and Portuguese: 1-year course at the Faculty of Languages, UNC.

Latin: 1 semester at the Faculty of Languages, UNC.