Primary and Secondary Education

  1. Instituto Nuestra Señora de Itatí - Resistencia (Chaco)
  2. Instituto Nuestra Señora de la Misericordia - Rafaela (Santa Fe)

University Education

  1. Public Translator of English into Spanish - School of Language- National University of Cordoba
  2. BA in English Language and Literature - School of Language- National University of Cordoba (twenty three subjects passed)



  1. Spanish: Native Speaker
  2. English: Advanced level (spoken- written)
  3. Portuguese: Intermediate level (reading and comprehension)

Computer skills

  1. MS Office: Windows - Word – Excel - Access - PowerPoint
  2. Internet tools
  3. Computer assisted tools: SDL TRADOS: Workbench/Tag Editor/Win Align/Multi-Term – SDLX- WORDFAST
  4. QA tool: ApSIC Xbench


  1. Sworn Translator - Member of the Translators' Association of the Province of Cordoba.
  2. Member of


  1. "Seminar on Strategies to Enhance Quality of Services and Customer Loyalty" - Texo SRL - June 2011
  2. "Free Software and Translation" - Translators' Association of the Province of Cordoba - May 2011
  1. "SDL TRADOS 2007" (Practical course) - Texo SRL - March 2011
  2. Seminar: "Contemporary Colloquial American English Part I" – SBS Librería Internacional - October 2010
  3. "Audiovisual Translation: Subtitling" – Texo SRL - September 2010
  4. "Wordfast" (Theoretical and Practical course) - Speaker´s Corner English School – July 2010
  5. Seminar: "Vulgar English"  SBS Librería Internacional - September 2009
  1. Seminar: "Techniques and Strategies to develop Students Critical Thinking"  Anglo Argentina ETL - September 2009
  2. Seminar:"To act or no to Act" - Anglo Argentina ETL - September 2009
  3. "Tools used to Translate in the Computer Age" – October 2008
  4. "LCN Encuentro Multifamiliar" (LCN Families Conference) – National University of Cordoba - School of Dentistry and CEMECO (Specialized Center in Congenital Metabolopathies) - Children´s Hospital of the province of Cordoba - March 2008
  5. Webinar: "What is translation memory?" – January 2008
  6. Webinar: "SDL Trados for beginners" - January 2008
  7. Webinar: "SDL TRADOS Server Solutions" - December 2007
  8. Webinar: "SDL MultiTerm and SDL MultiTerm Convert: A Beginners Guide" – December 2007
  9. "Special terminology used in the translation of contracts and companies" (English Workshop about legal texts) – Centro de Investigación en Traducción (CIT) Translation Research Center - School of Language - UNC (National University of Cordoba) and Translators' Association of the Province of Cordoba - September 2006
  10. Workshop: "TRADOS for everyone"  Student Union – School of Language - UNC (National University of Cordoba) - September 2006
  11. " I International Conference on Translation Studies" – Centro de Investigación en Traducción (CIT)Translation Research Center - School of Language - UNC (National University of Cordoba) - September 2006
  12. "Introduction to Court Interpreting" Translators' Association of the Province of Cordoba - September 2005
  13. Seminar: "Modal verbs - Past Tense" Translators' Association of the Province of Cordoba - September 2005
  14. "Basic knowledge of Engineering used in Technical Translation" – Graduate´s Association - School of Language-UNC (National University of Cordoba) - August 2005
  15. Reading Comprehension Portuguese Course (1-year course) - School of Language- UNC (National University of Cordoba) - 2004
  16. Participation in the Translation Team for the Histology Chair of the School of Dentistry - UNC (National University of Cordoba) – November 2004
  1. "Translation of Medical Texts" (English- Spanish Workshop) - Translators' Association of the Province of Cordoba - May 2004
  2. "Correcting mistakes in Translation" (English Workshop) - Translators' Association of the Province of Cordoba - July 2003
  3. "What a blind child can do" - UNC (National University of Cordoba) - July 2003
  4. "Students with special needs" - UNC (National University of Cordoba) - May 2002

The certificates of the above mentioned courses, workshops, seminars and conferences are available upon request.


My work experience, together with training, is what has influenced me at professional as well as at personal level.

  1. The following are some of the projects I have worked in as a Freelance Translator:

Legal field: Passports, Birth and Marriage Certificates, Certificates of good conduct, Police reports, Affidavits, etc.

Healthcare and medicine: Informed consent forms, Patient records, Medical examinations, Clinical protocols/trials, Procedure manuals, Brochures, Healthcare plans, Scientific papers, etc.

Miscellaneous: Translation of websites, Surveys, Recommendation letters, CV, Study Programs, Transcripts, Certifications of Studies, Abstracts, Technical texts, etc.

  1. As Interpreter in the “LCN Encuentro Multifamiliar” (LCN Families Conference) - organized by the School of Dentistry and the CEMECO (Specialized Center in Congenital Metabolopathies) - Children´s Hospital of the province of Cordoba.

  1. Field: Education. Company: CELEC- Centro de Estudio de la Lengua Española Córdoba (Center specialized in teaching Spanish to foreign students)

Job description: Bilingual Secretary – students’ welcome and organization of stay and educational and cultural activities for said students.

  1. Field: Education. Job description: English private classes for adults and children. Preparation for university exams.

  1. Field: Telecommunications. Company: Multi Voice (Córdoba)

Job description: Telephone sales. Customer service.

  1. Field: Telecommunications. Company: Celular SRL (Córdoba)

Job description: Salesperson. Customer service.

  1. Field: Education (Private English School). Company: Liceo Rafaela (Rafaela)

Job description: Bilingual Secretary.

  1. Field: Sportswear Store. Company: Santiago Deportes (Rafaela)

Job description: Cashier. Customer service. Salesperson


References are available upon request.