Ayni means "reciprocity, cooperation, solidarity" in Quechua. It’s a way of living and behaving towards the world, a worldview that promotes the values of respect, appreciation, compensation, and a search for balance.

Ayni is also a work system that aims at establishing relationships based on mutual aid and reciprocity. At Ayni Translations, we understand that all relationships are bi-directional, and that is what we’d like to offer along with our services: To give and take, so that we all can benefit and achieve the best results.

Ayni Translations is made up of a team of continuously trained professionals, who work together to provide high-quality services. Ayni Translations offers translation services, from English into Spanish and Spanish into English, within different subject areas: Technical, Legal, Healthcare, Education, HH.RR., Marketing and Advertising, among others.

Ayni Translations also provides Transcription Services, Interpreting Services, as well as Reviewing/Proofreading Services. If you already have a website, or if you are planning on launching one, Ayni Translations can help you reach a wider audience by translating your website into English or Spanish.